Change or add the ID3 tag that can be stored in MP3 files. This tag contains information like the song name, the artist, the album, the track number, the genre. Only the version 1.1 of the ID3 tag is supported for the moment.


TagEditor works on the PDAs that support MP3 playing. Obviously you need a memory card where the MP3 files are stored.


Download the PRC file below and store it on your computer. Double-click the local file so it is added into the Palm QuickInstall tool. Do a HotSync so the program is transfered to the PDA.


Browse to the directory where your MP3 files are stored. Usually they are in the /Audio directory. Click on an MP3 and you will be able to change an existing MP3 tag or add one if the MP3 file doesn't contain it.


tageditor.prc (73 Kb)

tageditor.zip (38 Kb)

Version History

  • 1.0 (19/06/2004) : First release
  • 1.01 (21/06/2004) : Added support for track number - Bugfixing
  • 1.02 (??/??/200?) : No idea what I changed
  • 1.03 (13/12/2005) : Changed some graphical elements, including the icon
  • 1.04 (29/04/2006) : Corrected a bug when saving the ID3 tag without selecting a genre

More information

You can read more about the ID3 tag on the website www.id3.org.