Store Points Of Interests, go directly to them, share them with family and friends, ... QuickDest makes it easy to go from place to place.


One of the following navigation software must be installed on the Palm

QuickDest is unfortunately not compatible with ViaMichelin MapSonic 1.x. It has not yet been tested with ViaMichelin Navigation version 4

The navigation software must be installed in RAM. QuickDest will not find it if it's stored on the memory card.


Download the PRC file below and store it on your computer. Double-click the local file so it is added into the Palm QuickInstall tool. Do a HotSync so the program is transfered to the PDA.


Select an action in the menu, amongst "Go To", "Edit", "Beam", "Cut", "Copy", "Paste" and "Delete". When you edit a button, you will be able to set the text of the button, select the colors for both the background and the text of the button and set the coordinates (in D.d or D° M.m formats).

Click on the "Menu" icon of your Palm to have the choice to reset the complete category (cleaning the 8 buttons), beam the category or see the About box.

When you are in "Go to" mode, one click on a button and ViaMichelin MapSonic/Navigation/Cartes & Itinéraires will open and give you the following choice: "Select departure point", "Select arrival point", "Center Place" or "Navigate to...". If you select the latter, you will be directly guided to the selected location.


quickdest.zip (52 Kb)

quickdest.prc (105 Kb)

Version History

  • 1.0 (06/03/2005) : First release
  • 1.1 (07/03/2005) : Support for N/S and E/W coordinates - Support of coordinates in d°mm.mmm format instead of d°mm'ss.ss" as it's used by MapSonic - Bugfixing
  • 1.2 (08/03/2005) : Solved problems with West longitude ) - Correction of formatting issues with d.ddd and d*mm.mm fields - Regional setting support for the decimal separator - Increase the mm.mmmm fields to allow 4 decimals - "Reset All" option added to erase all buttons in 1 operation - Bugfixing
  • 1.3 (09/03/2005) : Preliminary support for "Cartes & Itinéraires" - Coordinates saved in the Palm clipboard from ViaMichelin can be pasted in a button - Bugfixing
  • 1.4 (15/03/2005) : UI changes - Support of HiRes+ - Several categories can be defined - Changes in pasting coordinates stored in the Palm clipboard - Bugfixing
  • 1.5 (16/03/2005) : Solved a bug with coordinates in the -0.xxx range - Reset All will now clean the current category - Solved a bug when pasting West or South coordinates stored in the Palm clipboard - Bugfixing
  • 1.6 (22/03/2005) : Added several functions: beaming a button to another PDA, cut/copy/paste of buttons across categories, resetting 1 button - Added an "Action" menu to select the possible actions
  • 1.7 (26/03/2005) : Added several functions: beaming a category, renaming a category, resetting a category (now asking for a confirmation) - Code cleanup

More information

If you read French and/or want to see more screenshots, you can follow the genesis of this program in this thread of the PalmAttitude forum.